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ForeSee Results is out with its annual assessment of customer satisfaction with the top 100 online retailers, noting that not only is total satisfaction at an all-time high, but that “nearly one-third of the rated e-retailers score 80 or higher (which is the threshold to be considered a top performer in the Index) up significantly from 2007 when only four websites were considered top performers. Moreover, not a single e-retailer scores below 70. Just two years ago, 15 percent of the top 100 retailers scored 69 or lower.”

In a prepared statement accompanying the survey results, Larry Freed, president/CEO of ForeSee Results, said, “Over the last seven years, we’ve really seen an industry mature from a huge range of satisfaction scores to a relatively narrow range.”

Amazon maintains its top raking with a score of 86, followed by Netflix with an 85. other top performers were and (each with an 84), (83),,, and (each with an 82).

Other well-known national e-commerce names and their rankings include and (each with an 81),,, and (each with an 80),,,, and (each with a 79), and (78 each), and (73).

Two other interesting points made by Freed:

“It’s important to remember that these scores are for only the Top 100 e-retailers, and a lot of smaller retailers still struggle with prioritizing the online customer experience. Understanding the relationship between customer satisfaction and purchase behavior should be a powerful motivator to measure and improve online customer satisfaction.”

“Time and again our research shows that customer satisfaction drives loyalty, positive word of mouth, and future purchase intent ... Even as this economy slowly recovers, competition for the consumer dollar has never been tighter, so companies cannot afford to be complacent with their single most important consumer interface: the website.”
KC's View:
No surprise here. The best are getting better. And the companies not in the game are risking the possibility that they eventually will be made irrelevant.