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The International Business Times reports that some analysts are saying that the Kindle e-reader - proprietary technology developed by that has allowed it to create an entire e-book store on its website - likely is a multi-billion dollar profit opportunity as the device’s eco-system expands.

One snapshot of the Kindle eco-system: “Book titles reached 945,026 in May 2011, increasing by 47,000 over April 2011 (5 percent month-over-month increase) and by more than 740,000 since Kindle’s first anniversary. eBooks with embedded audio and video clips increased by 290 in May 2011 (their 11th month in Kindle Store) and their number reached 600. Magazine titles increased by 8 to 94 while newspaper titles increased by 3 and reached 167. U.S. newspapers’ count was at 81 and international at 86.”
KC's View:
The lesson here is that Amazon essentially created this out of whole cloth - there were e-readers around before, but it basically reinvented the business in the way that Starbucks reinvented the coffee shop - disrupting the way traditional companies came to market and interacted with consumers.

Which leads me to pose the question that I think all marketers need to be asking themselves on a daily basis:

What am I doing to disrupt the way my competition does business, the way we do business, and the way we connect to and interact with our customers?