business news in context, analysis with attitude and Walmart may be locked in a mortal battle for the hearts, minds and wallets of consumers, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t work together.

Hence, the agreement between the two companies to sell Amazon’s popular Kindle e-reader at some 3,200 Walmart stores.

Amazon already has made similar agreements with Staples, Best Buy and Target.
KC's View:
Walmart is willing to sell just about anything these days to drive traffic and build sales, and so this makes perfect sense for the Bentonville Behemoth.

At the same time, it probably is fair to say that as much as Amazon is competing with Walmart, it also is competing with Apple’s iPad in the e-reader market; Apple remains committed to the multi-functionality of the iPad, while Amazon believes in the concept of the single-purpose device. And so anything that Amazon can do to build visibility and sales is a smart thing from its perspective.