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Responding to yesterday’s piece about Kroger’s growth, one MNB user wrote:

I wonder how much Dunnhumby has to do with Kroger's recent performance in gaining market share?

I don’t. That kind of data collection and analysis is an enormous advantage.

Regarding Walmart’s troubles, one MNB user wrote:

Let’s be clear. It has taken WalMart under Eduardo Castro Wright “leadership and hate of EDLP” to get WalMart where it is today. There are no quick fix for a company this size. What is need is leadership and RETAIL ( not manufacturing, not foodservice) experience to help change course. Adding small store formats, colleges formats will do little to move any numbers and will only slow other progress by taking their eye off what the real problems are. It will add additional work for buyers, planners, suppliers, system etc.

Having put signs in the store saying here are the items you wanted back does nothing to get the customers back who now shop with other chains. In fact it only allows suppliers and Wall Street to count them easier and see what has or has not been brought back not to mention helping the competition still know where the opportunities are. Last, the customer who it is all about in the first place comes in and see some items but not THEIR items in THEIR WalMart and just gets upset all over again.

What I’m seeing is a chain that from a merchandise standpoint is stuck half in Project Impact and half in the old look. A chain where store morale is down and many of its merchants have left or want to. While the CEO talks a good game, much of what he talks about has not happened. I know that he has been told by many what the issues are and gets it, but just doesn’t have a handle on fixing it..

But tell us how you really feel....

From another MNB user:

Kevin, you and Michael have referred to 5 Guys Burgers a number of times.  I have not eaten there, so had to defer to my two sons for their opinion (one lives in Davis, the other in DC).  They both agree that our local restaurant is better than 5 Guys, and probably worthy of your list.  The restaurant is Burgers and Brew in Davis, CA, at the corner of 3rd and C Streets.  The bacon and jalapeno cheeseburger is excellent.  The restaurant has a nice atmosphere and the beer is good.  The next time you or Michael are in the Sacramento area (Davis is about 11 miles west on I80), you should give it a try.

We will.

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