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Advertising Age reports that Weight Watchers is placing a $10 million bet on being able to attract men to its weight control program, spending that much money on a marketing effort to attract males to a system that has largely been focused on women.

According to the story, “Weight Watchers, the biggest player in the $3.3 billion commercial weight-loss category, is following the lead of its smaller competitors, which have been after men for a while. Nutrisystem has for years relied on celebrity spokesmen, such as former NFL greats Dan Marino and Don Shula. And Jenny Craig last year added actor Jason Alexander to its stable of star endorsers, joining Valerie Bertinelli, Sara Rue, Carrie Fisher and others.

“The companies are all trying to move the needle in a category that has leaned heavily on women. Roughly 90% of clients are female, according to Marketdata Enterprises, which tracks the category.”

Among the innovations on its men-only website - a “beer cheat sheet” that lets men know how many points are accrued when specific beers are consumed.
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