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USA Today reports that lamb prices in the US are on the rise, driven by increased demand and decreased imports.

The American Sheep Industry Association says that wholesale lamb is going for about $2.20 a pound, versus $1.39 a pound a year ago.

According to the story, “About 30% of lamb is purchased near Easter and Christmas, and consumers this year likely have noticed the increased cost at supermarkets and non-traditional markets that cater to people of Hispanic decent and those from Middle Eastern and African countries who live in urban areas of the Midwest and Northeast.”
KC's View:
Prices for almost everything have gone up, so why not lamb?

That said, it did not matter yesterday, when I made lamb and artichoke stew for dinner, served with a nice rice pilaf and an excellent and cold Black Pig Albarino.

The thing is, prices matter more when we think of products in terms of being commodities. They matter less - at least, a little less - when we think of foods in terms of occasion, in terms of family connections, in terms of the emotions that they stir. The food becomes about the story, not the cost. And that’s something that food retailers need to tap into, especially as costs continue to rise.