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The New York Times reports that Kraft Foods has launched something it is calling “Operation Spark,” a concerted effort to keep a number of its products - those that are not part of its group of “power brands” such as Oreos and Planters - “from becoming ghost brands — once-prominent pantry staples that fade into obscurity through a lack of consumer interest brought on by a lack of advertising support.

According to the story, “The brands the executives hope to keep from the ghostly ranks include the Athenos line of Greek-style dips, spreads and yogurt; dairy products that are sold in the East under the Breakstone’s name and in the West as Knudsen; and Stove Top stuffing.
Those brands are getting new campaigns and other promotional support, including television commercials for Breakstone’s and Knudsen that began on Monday. The brands also all have new agencies.”
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