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A study out of the University of Alabama at Birmingham suggests that what is being called the “epigenetics diet” - one rich in broccoli, cauliflower, soybeans, red grapes and green tea - is helpful in fending off cancer.

According to Toronto’s Globe and Mail, “While genetics is the study of inherited genes, epigenetics looks at changes in the activity of genes. Epigenetics investigates how environmental agents – including the foods you eat – influence which genes are turned on or off.

“The traditional view of cancer is that the disease is caused by damage to genes and DNA mutations. But scientists are learning that other forces – diet, stresses, toxins – have the power to change gene activity in healthy, undamaged cells and ultimately alter cancer risk.

“Turns out your diet has the potential to reverse negative changes to gene expression, changes that could, over time, lead to cancer as well as other diseases.”
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