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As the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) considers the possibility that artificial dyes in processed foods could be linked to hyperactivity in children, Whole Foods is out this week with a statement reminding shoppers “that its strict quality standards have prohibited artificial food colorings since the 1980s,” and that they also are “free of artificial sweeteners, preservatives, hydrogenated fats and other prohibited additives in the company's 304 stores.”

"Our quality standards prohibit artificial colors because of our deep commitment to selling the highest quality natural and organic foods," explains Joe Dickson, global quality standards coordinator. "Our shoppers rely on us to set high standards so they can shop with peace of mind, and artificial colors are not consistent with our vision for natural and organic food."
KC's View:
So there.

I know that CPG companies have been fairly quick to say that this issue has been amply studied and that there is no provable link. But I must confess that as a parent, I have no problem with studying the issue further. If there is no link, then what’s the harm?