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by Kevin Coupe

CNN reports that “young, religiously active people are more likely than their non religious counterparts to become obese in middle age, according to new research. In fact, frequent religious involvement appears to almost double the risk of obesity compared with little or no involvement.”

According to the story, the study - done by the Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine - found that “those who reported attending church weekly, or more often, were significantly more likely to have a higher body mass index than those who attended infrequently, or never.

The reason? Well, one theory is that churches rail against a lot of vices, but gluttony does not tend to be high up on the list (though it makes the top seven deadly sins). Another theory is that “more frequent participation in church is associated with good works and people may be rewarding themselves with large meals that are more caloric in nature than we would like." And a third theory is that churches tend to create a culture of eating, like with potluck suppers.

I have long thought the problem with many people who think of themselves as religious is that they spend too much time on their knees, and too little time doing things with their hands and feet ... that the mark of real spirituality is converting those beliefs into action. And maybe even a solution to some small part of the nation’s obesity issue.

And that’s my idea of a Monday Eye-Opener.
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