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HealthDay News reports on a new study just presented at an American Heart Association conference suggesting that “eating breakfast cereal - especially whole grain cereal - may reduce the risk of developing high blood pressure.” The study found that “men who ate cereal at least once a week reduced their risk of high blood pressure 8 percent compared with men who ate no cereal. Consuming cereal two to six times a week lowered the risk 16 percent, and eating it seven or more times a week dropped the risk 25 percent.”

The story notes that there was no private industry funding for the study (meaning that it was not shaped by cereal companies), which began in 1982.
KC's View:
The report also notes that while the nutrients taken in when one eats cereal may be good for blood pressure, there also may be a case of addition by subtraction - “more cereal might mean fewer scones and donuts.”