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Multiple press reports take note of the decision by fast feeder Jack in the Box to get into the food truck business, developing a 34-foot-long truck - complete with kitchen, refrigeration equipment, satellite radio and 47-inch flat screen menu board - that is bringing its burgers, tacos and fries to the streets of Southern California.

According to the Associated Press, “Jack in the Box said its truck - which features the company's mascot Jack, with a spatula in hand - will support restaurant activities as well as community events. The Munchie Mobile is also available to cater public or private events in Southern California, and can be tracked via Twitter.”
KC's View:
Man, this would have been great during my college days ... my vague memory is that when we all had hangovers, a trip to Jack in the Box for tacos and milkshakes somehow seemed to be the best possible cure.’ If they could have rolled one of these up to campus, it would’ve been terrific...

But seriously, this is the way that more businesses need to think. Thinking outside the box, while it has become a cliche, is precisely the right way to characterize the Jack in the Box initiative.