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USA Today reports that tomorrow, “Seventh Generation, a maker of non-toxic household cleaners, will announce plans to roll out a laundry detergent bottle made from 100% recycled cardboard and newspaper ... On the outside, the new bottle looks as though it's made from the kind of cardboard used to make egg cartons — except it's smooth and flat. Inside, there's a plastic pouch that holds the detergent. Overall, the bottle - which still has a twist-off plastic lid - uses 66% less plastic than conventional laundry bottles. When empty, the bottle can be ripped in half and recycled with newspapers. The plastic bag is recyclable in many cities, too.”

The story continues: “In a nation of eco-minded consumers who increasingly shun plastic, the move could be an environmental slam-dunk. Major brands from Wal-Mart to P&G have major environmental programs in place. Some 53% of consumers say they prefer to buy from firms that conserve energy and protect the environment, says a study by the non-profit Carbon Disclosure Project.”
KC's View:
If it works, this could be a home run ... and one that could influence how a lot of other products and companies come to market. And I hope it works.