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Vera Jane Mayne, wife of the late Calvin Mayne, who founded Dorothy Lane Markets in Dayton, Ohio, in 1948, passed away on Monday. She was 105.

Mrs. Mayne became president of Dorothy Lane Market after the passing of her husband in 1972, and only relinquished the title to her son, Norman Mayne, five years ago. It was always a source of great pride to Norman Mayne that his mom was an active participant in the business; it was just weeks ago, while chairing the annual Food Marketing Institute (FMI) Midwinter Executive Conference, that he spoke glowingly of his mother, and expressed his great pride in her legacy.

Among her chief contributions was the decision to contribute a percentage of the company’s profits each year to local nonprofit organizations and charities; Mrs. Mayne felt strongly that it was critical to support the community on which the business depended for success. In addition, Mrs. Mayne’s face and name have long adorned a number of private brands sold by the stores.
KC's View:
My heart goes out to Norman Mayne and his family; my sense is that his mom, who I never met, served as the rock upon which Dorothy Lane Markets has grown into a legendary retail enterprise over the years. And is a mark of how well she raised her son that Norman, who was running the business long before he took the title, always was quick to give his mom credit ... and you could see the affection and love he felt for her in his smile and in his eyes.

You never quite get over losing your mom. (Mine died 13 years ago today.) But if you are lucky, you also never get over having had her ... and, to paraphrase Robert Anderson, while death ends a life, it does not end a relationship.