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The Nielsen Company is out with some new Super Bowl-oriented research:

• Nine out of 10 US households surveyed say that they will watch the game either in their own home or at the home of a friend or relative - as opposed to at a restaurant or bar.

• Thirteen percent of households say that they plan to spend less on Super Bowl snacks, food and beverages this year, compared to a year ago, while 72 percent say they plan to spend the same amount. Only five percent say they plan to spend more.

“Consumers adjusted their behavior during the recession, and we see that trend playing out with the Super Bowl,” said James Russo, vice president, Global Consumer Insights at Nielsen. “Still very concerned about jobs and rising gas prices, consumers remain pragmatic with their spending. They are reducing their spending on entertainment and take-out, spending less on clothes and cutting back on expenses where they can, especially in mid to lower income households. That said consumers overall are cautiously optimistic so we don’t expect to see consumers cutting back as dramatically as they did last year.”
KC's View:
I did find it interesting that according to Nielsen, Super Bowl Sunday is the 7th biggest holiday for beer sales - behind Labor Day, Memorial Day, Christmas, July 4th, Thanksgiving and Halloween.


For the record, we always watch the Super Bowl at home, always spend about the same amount of money, and always eat the same thing - red beans and rice. Only the beer changes.

(BTW...I got some criticism from the MNB community on my choice of food. See “Your Views.”)