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Business Week reports that, as expected, “the San Diego City Council has repealed an ordinance that strictly regulated construction of Walmart Supercenters in the nation's eighth-largest city.” The repeal occurred because Walmart had collected enough signatures on a petition to force a referendum on the ordinance; the City Council decided that rather than spend millions of dollars that it does not have on a special election, it made more sense to simply repeal the regulations.

Walmart has said that while it does not have locations identified, it would like to build 12 stores of varying sizes in San Diego over the next five years.
KC's View:
Yet another way in which San Diego is different from Chicago and New York.

The politicians apparently have less backbone. (Or, I guess you could argue, greater fiscal sense.)

At the moment, however, looking out my window at the ice storm and seeing the blizzard hitting the Chicago on the TV screen, there isn't much question in my mind that San Diego seems like a much better idea...