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The New York Times reports that 7-Eleven has opened a new eco-friendly store in Japan - the first of an expected 100 - that is “powered by solar energy and equipped with electric-vehicle chargers.” This “eco-konbini” costs 30 percent more to build than a standard 7-Eleven store, but the feeling is that the investment will pay off with long-term savings for the business.

According to the story, “Along with the photovoltaic panels on its roof that generate as much as a third of the store’s electricity, the 185-square-meter, or 2,000-square-foot, eco-konbini in Kyoto also has a light-reflecting floor and sensors that automatically adjust the lighting. The store’s green credentials are colorfully displayed outside in computer-generated images, complete with animated descriptions.”
KC's View:
I love the notion of being upfront about the green credentials in a futuristic way - these are the kind of investments that companies ought to be proud of, ought to trumpet at every opportunity. It’s what every retailer ought to do whenever they install energy-efficient fixtures - put up a sign explaining in clear language what has been done, and why.

It is all about being a responsible member of the community - and taking credit where credit is due.