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Got to love a story like this, which came across the laptop yesterday:

“Sal Mora recently became the 14th Brookshire Grocery Co. truck driver to achieve the milestone of driving a million miles without a preventable accident.

Mora accomplished the feat on January 20, 2011, at mile-marker 634 on Interstate 20 near Waskom, Texas.

A 21-year employee, Mora joined BGC in 1989 as a warehouseman, later serving in facility maintenance and as an order checker. He became a truck driver in 1997.

“‘What a tremendous accomplishment for Sal, not to mention the entire distribution team,’ said BGC President and CEO Rick Rayford. ‘Our distribution group is committed to safety and professionalism, and achievements such as this demonstrate that commitment’.”
KC's View:
Maybe this happens a lot. Maybe it happens rarely. (Though it clearly has happened 14 times at Brookshire.)

But I just thought this was sort of cool, and deserving of wider recognition.