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The Chicago Tribune reports that “Walgreen Co. plans to expand its fresh food offerings in several hundred stores in coming years, company chief executive officer Greg Wasson told shareholders this afternoon.” Wasson said that the company plans to evolve from a “retail drugstore to a retail ‘health and daily living store.’”

“Our intent is to own outright the strategic territory of ‘well,’” Wasson told shareholders. “Our goal is to help people live well, stay well and get well.”
KC's View:
I love the notion of being a “health and daily living store,” because it expands the notion - in an entirely consistent way - of what a drug store is supposed to be.

I’ll tell you this. I went into a Duane Reade store (owned by Walgreen) in NYC this week, and I didn’t recognize it as a drug store - it was a lot close to being a c-store, with a s strong a food presence as I can remember a drug store having.