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by Michael Sansolo

There was little to learn about success in the Denver Broncos’ recent dismal season. But in the off season, the Broncos may be showing a few things to the business and sporting community.

At the end of the season, Denver hired legendary quarterback John Elway to restore the glory days of the franchise. He may not do it on the field, but Elway clearly bears watching. As Yahoo sports is reporting, Elway is taking communication with Broncos’ fans to a whole new level.

It’s no big deal that Elway is sharing thoughts on Twitter as that’s happening everywhere these days. It’s the content of those thoughts that is so shocking. For instance, the Broncos need a head coach for next season and Elway has talked about some of the candidates. He even posted an update this week when one candidate’s interview was delayed by a snowstorm. He’s talked about different players, offering his thoughts on what they are doing right and where they can improve. In a big way, Elway is directly challenging the usual secretive culture of the National Football League where everything is a closely guarded secret.

There’s always the risk of too much information, but Yahoo’s sports columnists said that is old thinking. They see the outreach effort providing a huge benefit. The NFL lives on television revenue and Elway is making fans even more loyal to the team and the league.

When he played, Elway was always worth watching and is widely regarded as one of the greatest quarterbacks to ever play the game. As an executive experimenting with customer outreach to a level never before seen in his business, Elway might have an even larger impact. And, in that way, he may provide a lesson for businesses far from professional football.

That seems like a pretty good eye opener for today.
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