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Anne Francis, who defined a kind of 1950s sexuality with her role in Forbidden Planet, a sci-fi retelling of William Shakespeare’s “The Tempest,” and then embodied an early form of women’s liberation as television’s “Honey West,” which ran for just one season on ABC from 1965-66, died over the weekend. She was 80.
KC's View:
This one caught my attention for two reasons. One is that for some reason, I vividly remember “Honey West.” (Actually, I do know the reason. It wasn’t the character’s pet ocelot.)

But the other reason is that Anne Francis was 80 when she died. Today is the day my mother would have turned 80. (She died of cancer in 1998.) It never would have occurred to me that my mom and Anne Francis were the same age...but they were.

Actors are defined by their roles, and their youthful images often are burned into our memories - which can be good, but also hard to live up to. This morning I’m smiling, even though I miss my mom, because in my memory she is not ravaged by a horrible disease, but a lot more youthful and energetic. A tough cookie, to be sure, and a force to be reckoned with. But the memories make me smile.