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A new survey by The Nielsen Company shows that “of the 46 percent of Americans shopping this week, one-fifth waited to shop in order to get last minute deals while nearly 40 percent say they haven't had time to shop yet.  Some (18 percent) wait because they enjoy shopping the last week of Christmas.”

Other notes from the new survey:

• “Nearly one-fifth (17 percent) of consumers plan to spend more than $1,000 this holiday season while one-quarter will spend 500 - $1,000.  Twenty-seven percent will spend $250 - $500.  Only seven percent of consumers will spend less than $100.”

• “Fifty-five percent of consumers tell Nielsen they are planning their holiday spending, armed with a shopping list.”

• “Nearly three-quarters (74 percent) will be shopping department stores, while nearly half are visiting supercenters/mass merchandiser stores.  Other shopping locations: online (45 percent), electronic stores (38 percent), toy stores (32 percent), dollar stores (29 percent), grocery stores (32 percent) and warehouse clubs (27 percent).”
KC's View:
I’m sorry ... did Nielsen say that 18 percent of consumers enjoy shopping the last week before Christmas?

Who the hell are these people?