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Yesterday, in a brief “RIP” piece about the death of Elizabeth Edwards, I wrote that she had “endured public tragedy, dealing both with the death of a teenaged son in a car accident and the humiliation of being cuckolded by a husband proven to be both unfaithful and a congenital liar.”

It was pointed out to me by a number of MNB readers that I misused the word “cuckold” - that when a woman cheats on her husband, she is cuckolding him, but that you can’t use the same word when a husband cheats on his wife.

I apologize for the incorrect usage, and delight in the fact that MNB has the kind of literate readers who a) notice these sorts of mistakes, and b) care enough to point them out.

It also was instructive that nobody objected to my use of the phrase “congenital liar.”
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