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The Washington Post reports that Walmart is laying out plans for what is being termed “not your typical superstore” as it unveils new designs and looks to alleviate concerns in Washington, DC, about the four stores it plans to build there.

“To bolster support and try to persuade skeptics, the company is emphasizing the fresh food, pharmacies and delicatessens the four proposed stores would bring to the neighborhoods - as well as the jobs,” the Post writes. Walmart also working to develop parking lots that are either underground or above-ground parking garages, so as to avoid the “sea of surface parking” that usually accompanies one of its stores.

The big focus that Walmart is putting on the stores, according to the story, is that they will serve local communities - pointing out that DC residents spent $41 million in a Walmart outside the city last year, and that this money would be better spent inside the city, where it would generate local sales taxes.
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