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A new survey by The Nielsen Company shows that nearly 1 in 5 Americans will shop on Black Friday - the day after Thanksgiving, the traditional beginning of the end-of-year holiday shopping season - and more than half (61 percent) plan to spend $100 - $500, while 11 percent plan to spend more than $500 and 25 percent plan to spend less than $100.

Other results from the survey:

• Of the 19 percent of Americans planning to shop Black Friday, 10 percent will be shopping Black Friday for the first time.

• Nearly 60 percent of those shopping Black Friday will be armed with a shopping list.

• More than three-quarters (76 percent) tell Nielsen they will be shopping at department stores on Black Friday, while 55 percent will shop at supercenters/mass merchandiser stores and 52 percent will shop at electronics stores. Other Black Friday shopping locations include: toy stores (35 percent), online (23 percent), and dollar stores (22 percent).

Nielsen predicts flat spending for the holiday season, with online retailers experiencing the biggest surge. The company forecasts a strong season for technology products and gift cards with a slight uptick in discretionary items such as jewelry and DVDs.

“This holiday season isn’t all about the basics,” says James Russo, Nielsen’s vice president, Global Consumer Insights. “It’s about retailers understanding consumers’ new definition of value — ‘I want what I want but at the best price’ — as they go after share of wallet.”
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