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Cnet reports that Walgreens will test a program beginning early next year that will offer “rapid-charging EV stations at 18 Houston-area stores next year, through a partnership with power utility NRG Energy.”

According to the story, this is part of broader charging program being created by the eVgo Network, which also will include so-called convenience stations that “will be hosted by retailers in their parking lots and remain open for the duration of the retailers' business hours. Those stations will consist of DC rapid chargers and offer an option to recharge for 30 miles of range in 10 minutes ... NRG will also offer a ‘home-and-away’ subscription service that will give customers unlimited access to any of the network's public stations, in addition to having a Level 2 fast-charging station installed at their home.
KC's View:
What’s the over-under on when electric car charging stations will be standard operating equipment in a majority of US public parking lots? I always think that when it comes to questions like these, you should make a legitimate guess, and then cut it by 30 percent. Because stuff like this always happens faster than we expect.