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Forbes has an interview with Kraft CEO Irene Rosenfeld in which she talks about the impact of social media on her business. An excerpt:

“The opportunity to establish stronger connections between our brands and our consumer is going to be the essence of our success.And so I'm actually delighted to have tools like Google and Yahoo! and Facebook and Twitter ... We're demanding that we think about what we call 360 marketing from all of our agencies, which means we want to make sure that we are addressing all the potential touch points for each of our brands as we market them.

“And increasingly, we're finding some of our agencies are not as able to make that leap as others. I think we started when we began though there was a sense that we wanted to try to find one-stop shopping and I think increasingly, we're discovering that there are different places that have different skill sets and we are well served to be able to capitalize on the strengths of each of them.”
KC's View:
That needs to be the model for everybody in the customer satisfaction business - stronger connections, multiple touch points, and a focus on exploiting strengths wherever they exist.