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Drug Store News reports that a new study, published in Health Affairs, suggests that in-store retail health clinics are saving patients between $279 and $460 per visit, compared to emergency room visits, and have the potential of saving people as much as $4.4 billion a year.

According to the story, “The Health Affairs article looked at data provided by retail clinics and urgent care centers in 2007 and compared it with emergency department visit data in 2006. The researchers used a list of health conditions that commonly are treated at retail clinics and urgent care facilities to determine the number of visits that could have been treated at alternative sites.”

The research, to be fair, was funded by Walgreens and its Take Care Health Systems division.
KC's View:
The enthusiasm for in-store health clinics seems to have died down, which may be a reflection of the ADD that many people in the retailing business seem to have - if it doesn’t change their world in a couple of years, they think it isn’t working and is not worthy of continued focus. (Think Meal Solutions.)

In-store health clinics have enormous potential. But they require discipline and long-term dedication.