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Some might call this an ingenious promotional idea. Others might think of it as shameless self-promotion. Either way, we think this is a fun idea...

Since we wrote and published The Big Picture: Essential Business Lessons from the Movies earlier this year, it has been gratifying how many organizations have bought cases of books to hand out to employees, customers ands conference attendees. And one of the things we keep hearing is what a great end-of-year holiday gift people think The Big Picture would be, and we were encouraged to come up with a clever, out-of-the-box marketing concept.

So, we decided to raffle ourselves off.

Here’s the deal.

Buy a case of books (32 copies) and your name gets entered in a raffle to win either Michael or me as a guest speaker on the subject of The Big Picture at your next meeting or conference, subject to availability. No charge, except for travel expenses. (This is a pretty good deal. We’re not wildly expensive, but we’re not cheap, either. We’re also very low maintenance. We fly coach. And we’re a really good time.)

The more cases you buy, the more entries you get in the raffle. It’s that simple.

BTW...if you buy a case, the per-book price is discounted 33 percent from the single copy price. And we’re offering free shipping. (This deal just keeps getting better and better...)

So click here for details and purchase information. We think this is an innovative way to spread the word about The Big Picture, and a fun way for you to land an entertaining speaker at low cost for your next event.
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