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Advertising Age reports that Domino’s Pizza has embraced a “radical transparency” campaign, seeing it as the best way to differentiate itself in a crowded marketplace.

“In a series of ads, the pizza company admitted its old pizza sucked, introduced a new recipe by showing it to its staunchest critics,” Ad Age writes. “It continued the transparency theme by encouraging customers to alert Domino's when the pizzas they ordered were not up to par ... So far, the company has seen only positive results; most recently, its third-quarter same-store sales were up 11.7%.

“Additionally, the ‘Show Us Your Pizza’ campaign, in which Domino's asked customers to take their own photographs of the food to be used in ad campaigns, has resulted in 13,000 submissions. Domino's also responded in ads to customers whose photos showed a pizza that didn't arrive, well, photo-ready.”
KC's View:
Domino’s was one of the least transparent companies out there, which was reflected in its response to those two clowns who worked for Domino’s, picked their noses, put the pickings on the pizza, and then put it all on YouTube. Domino’s responded by saying, “No more cameras!”

They learned a hard lesson.