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• Published reports say that Tesco has identified a third book that it plans to produce as a straight-to-DVD movie that will be available exclusively to its shoppers.

“Tiger Eyes,” a young adult novel by Judy Blume, will be financed as a motion picture by Tesco’s Amber Entertainment division; the story concerns a young girl coping with the death of her father and its implications.

Rob Salter, Tesco’s category director for entertainment, said in a prepared statement: "By financing the adaption of top selling novels to feature films, such as ‘Tiger Eyes,’ Tesco brings a new and exciting way for our customers to see films that might not have been made in the conventional way. This means we can deliver more value for our customers. Judy Blume is already known to our customers so we felt she was a good match for Tesco and the 20 million or so people that shop in our stores every week."
KC's View:
What interesting about this that Tesco is reaching out to a demographic than the one that probably was attracted to its earlier productions, which included the adaptation of a Jackie Collins novel called “Paris Connections.” This one is a younger customer...but one who likely will be the center of the target for Tesco is just a few years.

Smart marketing. Get ‘em while they’re young.