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Wakefern Food Corp./ShopRite is this year’s winner of the Garden State Green Award in the Corporate Citizen category, which is given annually to organizations that have a significant positive impact on the environment through their daily business practices.

According to the announcement, “Wakefern/ShopRite is working on everything from reducing the amount of shopping bags in store to making more reusable bags available. The corporation has historically been active with recycling and taking materials out of the waste stream.  In fact, in the last two years more than 70 million bags were reused by ShopRite customers and diverted from our landfills and in 2009 ShopRite recycled nearly 1110, 0000 tons of cardboard, plastic film, bags, newspaper, office paper and metal ... Additionally, a number of stores are moving toward energy efficient lighting as this saves significant amounts of energy. Wakefern is also keeping an eye on sustainable seafood, educating store associates, and providing information for customers to educate them about sustainability initiatives.”
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