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In Waterbury, Connecticut, there was a story in the Republican American reporting on how “Big Y Foods Inc., which recently agreed to acquire seven A&P Supermarkets in Connecticut, will open four hiring centers on Monday to fill full- and part-time positions at the stores.”
KC's View:
In a vacuum, not a remarkable story. Happens a lot, I’m sure.

But it occurred to me, when I read it, that especially at this time in history, that it is sort of remarkable...and that perhaps retailers should be drawing more attention to the fact that even during recessionary times, many of them continue to employ people, provide money and benefits, and even grow their teams ... all during a period when a lot of other companies are laying people off and eliminating jobs.

I wonder how many consumers think about retailers this way - that many of them continue to be engines of growth during hard times.

I just think it is worth noting here. And maybe even worth pointing out to people ... which could make retailing a desirable career to folks who might not previously have considered it.