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The New York Times reports that a new study by New York City health officials reveals that 40 percent of the city’s schoolchildren were overweight or obese during the 2008-2009 school year, exactly the same as the year before, despite numerous efforts by the Bloomberg administration to improve the health of residents through a variety of initiatives, such as requiring the posting of calorie counts and banning trans fats.

In fact, the NYC rate is higher than the national rate, which comes in at about 35.5 percent.

The study also showed that wealth seemed to equal wealth, with some of the city’s poorest neighborhoods having the highest obesity rates.

The Times reports that the Bloomberg administration is doubling down on its efforts, and plans to continue developing programs that will encourage healthier eating by the city’s children.
KC's View:
I repeat my caution from the LA story, above. Sometimes all the best intentions don’t solve the problem.