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Fast Company reports that the advertising agency Crispin Porter + Bogusky is launching “an ambitious $25 million campaign to help the carrot industry compete with the junk food industry.” The campaign is being funded by almost 50 carrot growers, and will include billboards, web ads, and even an iPhone application.

However, the campaign is hardly a sure bet. As Fast Company writes, “Carrots are ingrained in our minds as a healthy, family-friendly food from a young age -- can an ad campaign really change that? And what happens when the kids eat the carrots -- and discover they don't taste nearly as good as Cheetos?”
KC's View:
The answer is simple. The kids go back to the Cheetos. Unless, of course, their parents have created an environment in which a) fruits and vegetables are a staple, and b) chips and other snack foods are not ubiquitous.

Ultimately, parents are going to be more effective than ad campaigns.