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The Washington Post reports that the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) “is poised to approve the first genetically modified animal for human consumption, a highly anticipated decision that is stirring controversy and could mark a turning point in the way American food is produced.

“FDA scientists gave a boost last week to the Massachusetts company that wants federal approval to market a genetically engineered salmon, declaring that the altered salmon is safe to eat and does not pose a threat to the environment ... Those findings will be presented Sept. 19 to a panel of scientific experts which will advise top officials at the FDA whether to approve the altered salmon.”

Critics say that not enough is know about whether genetically modified fish will have an impact on human health and/or the environment; supporters say that such innovations are important at a time when the global fish population is declining and there remains a considerable hunger problem on much of the planet.
KC's View:
I’ll buy the latter argument. Just label the GM products. Be transparent, and give consumers the ability to make informed choices.