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• Building off the success of ShopRite’s iPhone App, MyWebGrocer and ShopRite supermarkets have teamed up again to launch a new Android Application, ShopRite Weekly Specials™. The new App, which is free and available now through Android’s Market, is the first App dedicated to weekly grocery specials on Android’s Operating System. 

ShopRite Weekly Specials enables consumers to see what’s on sale in real time at their neighborhood ShopRite store. Once they select an item, it is added to their shopping list, which is neatly organized by category with pictures, descriptions and real time prices. Shoppers can also use the voice command to add items to their list by speaking into the App.

Content Guy’s Note: As a matter of full disclosure, MyWebGrocer is a longtime and valued MNB sponsor. But since we would have covered this story if it were not, it hardly seems fair to not cover it because the company has such good taste in news and information vehicles.
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