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In New York, the Journal News reports that Ahold-owned Stop & Shop is accusing the Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Co. (A&P) of using a lawsuit to hide the fact that its prices are higher than Stop & Shop’s.

A&P sued Stop & Shop 10 days ago, charging that the retailer’s price ads were false and deceptive.

"A&P's motion is just the latest in a series of attempts by A&P to impermissibly prevent Stop & Shop from engaging in truthful, accurate commercial speech regarding the respective prices of Stop & Shop and its competitors on similar products," lawyers for Stop & Shop wrote in the filing. "A&P seeks to restrain this speech so it may obtain a competitive advantage in the marketplace and charge its customers higher prices ... "In trying economic times, Stop & Shop's truthful, accurate commercial speech regarding the prices of its and competitors' products and services should be encouraged, not enjoined," Stop & Shop's lawyers said.
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