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The Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Co. (A&P) said yesterday that it has hired Paul Hertz, most recently the Executive Vice President of Retail Stores for OfficeMax, to be its new Executive Vice President, Operations.

Hertz succeeds Mark Kramer, who departed “to pursue other interests.” Kramer had been in the job for about four months, having come over to A&P from Rite Aid. However, since then A&P has changed CEOs, dismissing Ron Marshall after a seven-month tenure and replacing him with Sam Martin, former COO of Whole Foods.

Before going to OfficeMax, A&P said, Hertz was “Vice President of Wild Oats Stores ... also served as Vice President of Store Operations for ShopKo and held several field and VP-level positions at Fred Meyer, a division of Kroger.”
KC's View:
Quick question. Who got a better night’s sleep last night, Mark Kramer or Paul Hertz?

I’m guessing Kramer. I just hope that he got a nice severance package, since he gave up his job at Rite Aid to try to help turn around the company that I’m now going to refer to as the Morass in Montvale.