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• The Los Angeles Times reports that Valley Meat Company, a Modesto, California-based meat processor, is recalling one million pounds of ground beef that it says could be linked to seven cases of people getting sick from the consumption of E. coli bacteria. The meat was sold in California, Texas, Oregon, Arizona and overseas, and reportedly are stamped with a “best before” date of Jan. 7, 2011.

• The New York Times reports that “Pop-Tarts is joining other food brands, like M&M’s and Hershey, with stores near Times Square, where the focus is often less about sales than marketing and visibility ... The lease on the 3,200-square-foot shop, on the south side of 42nd Street between Sixth Avenue and Broadway, runs through January, at which point executives will decide whether a store all about toaster pastries makes long-term sense.

“The focal point of the store, which opens Tuesday, is the cafe. It will serve about 30 snacks and desserts.”
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