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Crain’s Chicago Business reports that Coinstar-owned Redbox “will install its DVD-rental machines in CVS drugstores nationwide. Oak Brook-based Redbox said Thursday it will put its kiosks in 700 CVS locations by the end of the year and add several thousand more sites next year.”

Redbox currently has 24,000 rental kiosks in operation, including in Walgreen, CVS’s biggest rival.

In other Redbox news, Crain’s writes, “Last week Redbox, which rents standard DVDs for $1 a night, said it would begin offering Blu-Ray discs for $1.50. The company estimates that Blu-Ray discs could account for about 10% of the 630 movies available in a typical kiosk.
KC's View:
That sound you hear is yet another nail being driven into Blockbuster’s coffin.