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Drug Store News reports that Wegmans is emphasizing the connection between food and health by putting “eat well, live well” stations near the pharmacies in its stores, where pharmacists can interact with shoppers on the connections that exist among food, medicine and lifestyle choices.

“There’s so much good science showing that people lower their risk of many health problems when they make healthy food choices and include regular exercise in their routines,” says Brian Pompo, coordinator of wellness and clinical services for pharmacy at Wegmans. “As health professionals, pharmacists know that food and medication play different but mutually supportive roles in helping customers lead healthier lives. We do give customers the counsel they need and want regarding medications, but we also believe that sharing how food supports health helps customers.”

Wegmans says that it regularly updates its pharmacists in informational sessions designed to give them the ammunition necessary to answer shopper questions.
KC's View:
Yet another reason, methinks, why many retailers would do well to wear a rubber bracelet on their wrists with the letters “WWWD,” for “What Would Wegmans Do?”