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The Boston Globe reports that Edith Murnane - a chef who owned a restaurant in Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts, and “managed the sustainable food programs for Community Servings, a Jamaica Plain nonprofit that provides home delivered meals to people with life threatening illnesses” - has been named the city’s first Food Policy Director.

According to the story, her job will be “to coordinate food policy across the city, having an impact on everything from school lunches to farmers markets, anti-obesity efforts to meals for home-bound seniors. The position will pay $75,000 annually, which will be funded by a grant from an anonymous donor and the Eos Foundation, a Massachusetts organization that focuses in part on nutrition, health, and education projects.”
KC's View:
This is the second story in as many weeks about major US cities hiring Food Policy Directors. (The other was Baltimore.) I think this is a positive trend, if it allows for an intelligent and coordinated approach to nutrition and public policy.

BTW...just as a matter of interest...Community Servings is one of the major charities supported by a prominent Bostonian named Joan Hall Parker, who was married to the late Robert B. Parker. That’s what we call good genes.