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The Associated Press reports on an unusual entrepreneurial effort in San Diego - a camel dairy that produces camel milk that the owners say is “therapeutic, nutritious and delicious,” and has “more vitamin C, more anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-inflammatory properties and contains an insulin-like protein that works well in the digestive tract.”
Unfortunately, the law prevents the sale of camel milk in the US, so the owners have to make do by selling camel milk soap and giving camel rides.
If the FDA can develop tests that would certify that camel milk is safe to consume, it could be an enormous boon to the dairy - they say they could get more than forty bucks per liter for the stuff.

However, the effort would be work intensive, since the story also notes that “to milk a camel, you need warm hands, a gentle touch and quick timing (since) camels give milk only in 90-second bursts.”
KC's View:
I had a really funny joke about this last line...but Mrs. Content Guy and Michael Sansolo told me I couldn’t use it. So you’ll have to use your imagination...

(They have a general agreement - if I ask them whether I can use a joke that is in questionable taste, I almost certainly shouldn’t, since so many get through that I never even think to ask about...)