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The Seattle Times reports that Starbucks is satisfied enough with its two Seattle stores that operate under different names and sell food, beer and wine in addition to coffee that they are building another one - but this one will be called Starbucks.

“The Starbucks store at 1600 E. Olive Way on Capitol Hill is expected to close in July for a two-month remodel that includes new deck seating, an indoor-outdoor fireplace and a 360-degree coffee and wine bar with narrow countertops to let baristas interact more closely with customers,” the Times reports. “Starbucks will continue serving coffee from a van on the property during the remodel. Its design will be more rustic and industrial than traditional Starbucks cafes, like the stealth and several other recently remodeled stores.”
KC's View:
The question is whether this represents a broader trend for the retailer - in appropriate locations, opening stores that stretch the brand in new directions that don't hurt the company’s core equity and reinforce its “third place” philosophy. Sounds likely, especially since it may be one of the few ways that the almost ubiquitous company can build sales and satisfy the investor class.