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Re-posted from yesterday’s MNB, for folks who may have missed it...

One of the things that I’ve always tried to be careful about here on MNB was observing the old “church and state” rule that I learned when I started out in journalism. I try to keep the punditry separate from the sponsors, and when they get close, I try to at least note it so that we’re all clear about where the lines are. (This is as much for the protection of my sponsors as anything...I would hate for anyone to suffer because of some politically incorrect statement that I make.)

That’s not to say that I am anything but thrilled about my sponsors. I’ve always been lucky that the people and companies supporting MNB are wonderful folks with whom I love being associated. I hope they feel the same way about me.

Here’s the reason I am mentioning this today...

MyWebGrocer, which is a long time MNB sponsor, has a new DrumBeat and tile ad starting today that feature, rather prominently, my name and picture. That’s because MyWebGrocer was kind enough to hire me to produce a series of videos about their company - which I was thrilled to do, not just because I have a video production business in addition to MNB, but also because I happen to feel strongly that MyWebGrocer is a terrific company that is making it possible for a lot of companies to be on the online cutting edge.

How great is it to have a website that has a point of view that is shared by a sponsor like MyWebGrocer. It is like the best of all possible worlds.

I hope you’ll check out the videos. I hope you’ll contact MyWebGrocer about their offerings. (Just like I hope you’ll check out all my sponsors...because they make it possible for me to continue to provide MNB to you each day.)

And I hope you won’t get sick and tired of looking at my face.
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