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The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports that “the signs barring the carrying of concealed weapons inside Schnucks quietly came down earlier this month — more than six years after they first went up in the grocery chain's Missouri stores following the passage of a state law allowing individuals to carry concealed weapons.”

Lori Willis, a Schnucks spokeswoman, tells the paper that “we decided to make the change in policy based on the idea that any customer who has a valid license to carry a concealed weapon should be allowed to do so. It really seemed to us as if it were
a nonissue."

According to the story, “In 2003, the Missouri Legislature passed a law allowing residents with permits to carry concealed weapons, but court challenges delayed implementation until the following year. Under the law, private businesses were allowed to ban firearms on their premises.” Six years later, Willis said, the policy has become a non-issue...hence the change.
KC's View:
I feel like I should have a comment on this story, but I simply do not know what to say. The notion of carrying a concealed weapon is so foreign to me - mostly, I suppose, because of the places I’ve lived - that I don’t even understand why this debate exists.

It probably would not take much for me to push us into a vigorous and extended (and probably vitriolic) debate about guns ... but that’s probably not a useful way to go.