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• The Chicago Sun Times reports that “Wal-Mart is prepared to build ‘dozens’ of Chicago stores large and small if Mayor Daley can find a way to break a six-year-old City Council stalemate over demands that the world's largest retailer pay a ‘living wage’ of at least $11.03 an hour, City Hall sources said Tuesday ... Sources said Wal-Mart is no longer talking about building just five supercenters in inner-city ‘food deserts’ desperate for shopping choices. Instead, it's talking about building "dozens" of large and small Chicago stores, creating ‘thousands’ of sorely needed jobs.”
KC's View:
I gather from reading the local papers that Walmart doesn’t have better than a 50-50 shot at getting the necessary approvals from Chicago politicians. But the interesting thing is that you have to figure that Walmart’s multi-format plan for Chicago could be adapted to a lot of US cities. Which means that the Bentonville Behemoth could be reshaping howe food is sold in a lot of places where, to this point, it has been shut out.