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Time reports that “according to market researcher Nielsen, sales of 3-liter boxed table wine increased 19.9% during the one-year period ending April 3, while overall sales of table wine edged up just 3.5%. But savvy producers are trying to widen boxed wines' appeal with a second generation of boxes that look a whole lot nicer sitting on a counter or in a fridge for a month and a half.”
KC's View:
See, this is what happens. First you lower your standards and accept the notion that a screw-top is somehow okay when used to replace a cork, and then, suddenly, you have people talking about how cardboard boxes can somehow be made to be both attractive and acceptable for the nectar of the gods.

Yes, I know I am a snob about this stuff, and some will say this is about the democratization of wine, making it accessible to more people.

As accessible as what? Chocolate milk? One of the wonderful things about wine is the fact that it is special. It makes you feel good, from the moment you pop the cork to when you pour it slowly into your glass, and then sip it, taking in the sometimes complicated flavors that the best wines can offer.

Sounds to me like this box thing is yet another sign of the apocalypse. Next thing you know we’ll start seeing disaster of biblical proportions...real wrath of God type stuff...forty years of darkness, earthquakes, volcanoes, the dead rising from the grave, human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together, mass hysteria...