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In Norwalk, Connecticut, the Hour reports that Stew Leonard’s is testing a pilot program that revolves around providing free physical examinations - including on-site cholesterol and blood pressure screenings, mammograms, and flu shots - to employees in its original store there.

"We are trying to be front-runners in getting people to receive physicals, so we brought the doctors to (our employees)," said Jill Leonard Tavello, executive vice president of culture and communications at Stew Leonard's. She said that the program was created after the company learned through surveys that many of its employees were not visiting a doctor on a regular basis.

If the program works as expected, Stew Leonard’s plans to expand it to its other stores in Danbury and Newington, Connecticut, and Yonkers, New York.
KC's View:
Such a program does more than just make employees feel good and feel good about themselves and their employer. It also can lead to tangible health benefits that keep them on the job longer, which saves on training costs to replace them. And I believe it translates into the general good feelings that one finds exuded by the folks who work at a place like Stew Leonard’s.